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If you are ever feeling like your peace has been disrupted in any way... especially with all that's going on in the world, please come back to this free gift page as a safe haven, and a resource to help you come back to your peace.

My friend,

With love and appreciation, I gently invite you to remember the following:
We live in a generous and abundant Universe!
The only thing that ever prevents us from seeing and knowing this, is the part of us that forgets!   
Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way any more.
Find an opportunity to share your gifts, talents, time, energy, support, and offerings with the world.
Invest in your well-being, this is the greatest remedy to anything that doesn't reflect pure love and peace!
This is you loving yourself and honoring the Universe.
I love you, 

Gift #1: Super Charged Prayer

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A Super Charged Prayer...

In this FREE healing infused audio prayer, you will receive an extra boost of energy support to help you anchor pristine well-being. If you are at all sensitive to energy, you will instantly notice the expansion that occurs in your energy field!


Gift #2: The Worry Wash

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Wash Your Worries Away...

What does worry mean to you? In this FREE 60-minute Core WorkTM healing audio program, you are invited to release worry and anxiety... and explore a life of complete peace, prosperity, and fulfillment. Prepare yourself for self awareness and healing on a whole new level!


Gift #3: Liberation Healing Music Experience

I AM Liberated

Liberate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit...

This music healing session bridges multiple healing, sound and energy therapies to produce deep, effective, and expansive transformation. 

The result is a peaceful and healing experience that works on the subconscious, conscious, and cellular levels to heal, rejuvenate and bring you back to your most empowered self.


Gift #4: Divine Alchemy

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Unleashing The Light Within...

Are you a Divine Alchemist? In this FREE 55-minute Core WorkTM healing audio program, embark upon a journey of discovering your super human self. Get ready to unlock brand new healing gifts and abilities!


Gift #5: The Healing Session

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Healing at the Deepest Level...

Are you ready to connect to the root of your being? This incredible FREE guided audio will open a doorway to your heart… bringing transformational healing and loving support for your souls' infinite expansion.


Gift #6: On-Demand Healing Q&A Session

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We’re All In This Together...

So often, when one of us is going through something, there’s a really good chance that either we've all gone through it before, or we’re in various stages of moving through something similar. 

This gift is a 75-minute recording of a recent Q&A I hosted with members of my Club Miracles program. In this session, all three of the people who received healing were experiencing fear and worry about what's going on in the world right now. If you’re experiencing something similar, there’s some much-needed healing in here for you.


PLUS: Watch My Video on How to Deal with All of the Changes Happening Right Now...


In this Facebook Live video, we spoke about the current climate of the world.

We went through a powerful 3 step process to help us move from a state of unprocessed fear, to a state of peace and grace especially with all that's going on in the world.

We also facilitated a powerful invocation/prayer for the humanity, and facilitated a healing process for ourselves and every living being on the planet.

We have co-create a massive shift in the collective, and I want to thank you for being part of it. It was palpable!

If you missed the live version, the replay will support you equally. If you already watched the live or replay, know that you can watch this often, anytime you feel like you could use an extra boost of empowered support.

Please feel free to pass this video on with anyone who you feel could benefit from hearing/receiving it.

AND: Explore My Six Steps for Transcending Fear

If you are finding yourself attaching to and internalizing the current fear wave occurring on the planet, here's a simple process that can tremendously help.

Be mindful of how you choose to internalize the fear.

The experience of fear is unique and personal to each person.
Usually the areas of our lives that are most affected by internalized and unprocessed fear are our physical, mental and financial well-being.
If you are finding yourself worrying, panicking, hiding, getting rid of things that nourish your body, mind and Spirit so that survival becomes the sole priority, or separating yourself from the world, these are the mind's way of holding on to (internalizing) fear, rather than allowing it to be processed and moving on.
Unprocessed fear is actually what lowers the immune system, and creates mental unrest, which can lead to choices and decisions that are not true to who we really are.

Check to see where the fear is being held in your body.

Check to see where the internalized fear is being held in your body.

Our body is an awesome barometer, and it always speaks to us.
When you are holding or carrying fear, your body will always tell you where it is being held. Most people hold fear in their stomach, heart, shoulders, jaw, or back areas.

Spend time allowing yourself to feel the internalized fear.

Once you've found where you have been holding the fear, spend some time simply allowing yourself to actually feel the fear being held in that area of your body.
Most people ignore the area in the body that is holding the fear, because the idea of feeling it is scary enough.
However, the only way to allow our body and mind to free themselves of the attachments they have to internalizing fear, are to actually spend time feeling where the fear is being held in the body.
When we spend time feeling the fear, this is actually us choosing to love and honor our body, mind and our whole self.
It may take a couple of minutes several times per day/week, or it may take longer than that, but when we create a practice of dedicating some time to honoring and feeling the unprocessed fear being held in the body, it will eventually soften and dissolve.
Why does this happen? Because our old attachments (The stories, the need to identify) to the fear dissolve.
The intention is to be with step 3 until a softening occurs, and you have come back to your authentic peaceful nature.

Send love and gratitude to your internalized fear.

Send love and gratitude to the part of your body that was holding the unprocessed fear.
Thank this part of your body for loving you so much that it gave you a clear indicator of what it desired to receive from you most, which is love and awareness.
Unprocessed fear holds a person back.
Processed (honored) fear serves as a catalyst to a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Check in with your choices and decisions.

Check in with the choices and decisions you made while you were holding unprocessed fear.
Do you still feel that those choices and decisions you made are expansive and enjoyable for you? If yes, then that is wonderful!
If you feel like the choices and decisions you made from that previous space only propelled more fear, and made you feel constricted, separated or lacking in any way, this is a clear indication that those decisions are not currently serving you, and are out of alignment.

Align with the love you wish to give and receive.

Love and honor yourself by aligning with the people, places and experiences that most reflect back to you the love you are choosing to give and receive.
If you felt lack and got rid of many of the things you loved and that nurtured your body, mind and Spirit when you were holding the unprocessed fear, start to bring those things back into your life.
The mind may try to come up with excuses of why not to, so if that happens simply go back through all of the steps mentioned above until you are able to make a decision and choice from your empowered self.
Pamper, give to and honor yourself. And then, be willing to do the same for others, and allow them to do the same for you.
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If you're feeling called to contribute, please consider joining

Hearts Helping Humanity

Hearts Helping Humanity was created by my dear friend, Sunny Dawn Johnston
with the intention of bringing people who are in need together with people who are ready to be service.
This is a community where people can express their love of each other through acts of kindness in many ways.



I'm sending you a big energetic hug and so much love.

Please come back and visit this page whenever you'd like to attune to the energy of unconditional love, peace, and well-being.

This safe haven is for you, your friends, family, and loved ones... anyone who is seeking the warm embrace of shelter, comfort, and certainty.



If what you're experiencing here resonates with you, I invite you to connect with me via email for future gifts, messages of love, and so much more.

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